Well…well…i know most of you are uncomfortable about this topic but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you think!  “Real elegance is everywhere especially in the things that don’t show”  I totally agree with Christian Dior on this.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-12-37-44 Are you reading this right now and have been wearing one bra for years? two years? Or more? Or is the bra under-wire trying to stab you every time you wear it? Not to worry because this is not uncommon, but it’s time you invest in bras your cup size that really fit well and make you comfortable enough to bring out the elegance we all need.

A recent research in the UK shows that more than 70% of women wear the wrong size of bra. Did you know that wearing a wrong-sized bra can lead to serious health problems? Like back and breast pains, shoulder and neck pains, blockage of lymph nodes, breast cancer and sagging breasts?? I bet you didn’t!! I used to go to a store totally clueless of my size, buy a bra i like that looks pretty and assumed it’s the one to be worn forever. The thing is, our bodies keep on changing in size and this is why we need to regularly replace our bras and thanks to the attendants at Mr.Price clothing store who measured my perfect size, I am now comfortable enough to wear anything.

For my readers in Nairobi and Mombasa who don’t know their cup size, make a point of visiting Mr.Price clothing store outlets or Woolworths and get yourself measured like I did. If not, here is a simple DIY : 1st take the measurement around the fuller part of your bust (around your back) then take the measurement of your band size (around the rib cage) then subtract this band measurement from the bust measurement. The difference will give you the cup size. For me, the band measurement is 34 and the bust 36, a difference of 2 making me a cup 34 B(UK)…A difference of 3 will make a  cup C and so on. Then go ahead and buy the right size and bra type depending on different outfits you wear regularly. 

I would recommend basics like a T-shirt bra which has a seamless contour that gives a smooth look under tight or very light clothing, a strapless bra, a full cup bra especially for women with larger cup sizes, a padded bra to make your bust look larger for those with smaller cups, a push up or plunge bra to wear under low cut tops and to enhance the cleavage then finally, a sports bra to give you support during physical activities. All these will allow rocking different styles of outfits comfortably without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. I hope this post will help you shop better next time you go bra shopping.


Till we meet again!!!

Bra – Mr.Price (junction) ; Sweater – Toi market (Adams arcade) ; Leggings – Jackys collection (reinsurance plaza) ; Sandals – Bata






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