Lately I have been crazy about certain items that I think will bring sunshine to my wardrobe. You know one of those things you see in a store or online and wish you had extra money to buy them all??!! So i will just sit here on my desk sipping my homemade lemonade and wish…

1.Striped Tee (black&white)


This will sound hilarious but the striped tee was originally designed for the french sailors so that they could be easily found in the water in case they fell overboard. But they make a very essential part of any woman’s wardrobe. This tee can literally be paired with anything: inside a blazer for an official look, with a casual pencil skirt, with your favorite pair of jeans among other things. But remember that horizontal stripes create a wider look so ensure that you pick the right pattern to suit your figure. Also, don’t try too hard matching head to toe, you don’t wanna look like a zebra that escaped the zoo.

2. Rugged denim shorts


My little sisters are serious fashionistas and one of them (Joanna) recently inspired me on how to rock dem shorts. I have always been shy when it comes to wearing tiny shorts but now more than ever i wanna own a pair. I would wear them with a tee shirt, sneakers, sandals or ankle booties on a warm weekend.

3. Rusty brown body-con dress


Hhmmmm…every time i think of this dress i get goosebumps. I have seen a few online and hope to lay my hands on one soon. This is a perfect dress for any occasion and i would wear it with any kind of shoe.

4. Floral print pencil skirt


Thank God floral prints are here to stay because i find them pretty, simple and very fashionable. On a workday, i don’t have much time in the morning to accessorize so a floral print skirt will bring out my fun personality. Whether you’re rocking a casual or official look, remember less is more so always wear a toned-down top.

5. Over the knee suede boots


Black knee high boots are a must-have fashion statement for me. I can already picture myself in the many things i can wear this boots with, especially with the current weather here in Nairobi. They can be worn with tights or very skinny jeans and even a mini skirt for a daytime or evening look. Don’t be scared about your body type because any woman can rock these boots whether petite or very curvy.

6. Fringe ankle booties


For the longest time i haven’t been a sucker for the fringe trend and it has taken me a while to get onto this bandwagon. But i must confess that i love the visual experience of anything whimsical which the fringe seems to bring out. The trick with wearing fringe is that you should never try to match fringe patterns head to toe.

7. Adidas sneakers


So a few days ago i was going through Instagram and came across very cute Adidas sneakers and thought it would be really cool if i got them. I am not sure yet how i would rock them but once i lay my hands on them i will figure that out.

Do you have a fashion wishlist? What fashion pieces do you want so badly right now? Please feel free to share with me and also let me know how you rock the above items on my wishlist.

Till we meet again!!!


  1. My current wish list are the harem pants been wanting them pants decades ago just owned them last weekend nolita you are a charm …

  2. My current wish list includes jean jogger pants and Air max Nike shoes oh and some trendy skirts lol
    Nice article

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