It’s been a minute, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder so I hope you missed me. I am thrilled to be back here on my birthday month doing what I love.
December goals:

1. Hiking
I don’t consider myself a fitness freak but I try and work out at least 3 times a week, this year Patrick and I had hiking on our bucket list. Now that the year is closing up on us so fast, we plan to go hiking this month…probably Mt.Longonot for starters.

2. Zip lining in Kereita forest
Honestly, I suffer from acrophobia very ironic because my house is on the 6th floor, which i like because of the view. So am scared and excited at the same time to do this. Anyways, my friends (Nyiha and Gedhia) and I have been planning on doing something crazy because we realized that we ain’t growing any younger. 5 years back right after campus, we used to be on an adrenaline roll and we wanna get back to that before the babies come…lol
3. Eating clean
Let’s just say that i have really indulged for the better part of this year contrary to what my mum taught me and the results are very visible, I have gained 6Kgs since April (I am literally cringing at the thought of this). On this note, I am getting back to my healthy ways!!!

4. Getting that summer/holiday body
Clean eating goes hand in hand with working out, right? I’m getting back to my zumba home workouts, I just can’t deal with gyms…am too lazy to commit!haahaa!
5. Do a makeup class
I love a good face-beat and even though i often do my own makeup, I would like to do better. You never know, i might just decide to take it up as a side hustle considering i did my bridesmaids makeup during my traditional wedding ceremony.
6. Be the early bird

I know my sisters will laugh at this but I intend to make it happen, today was a good start for me so I strongly believe that i can do this. As the saying goes…the early bird catches the worm…
7. Loose the serious face
My mum once told me that i come out as a snob to people who don’t know me but guys, am the nicest and sweetest ever lol! You know as a kid i was told not to talk or laugh with strangers and i think i carried that into adulthood. You guys are gonna be my accountability partners, I will be all smiles this month.
8. Pray…pray…pray
Now that my family has grown=more things to be grateful for=more things to pray for…Prayer just keeps me going.

Do you have any goals for this month?? I can’t wait to hear about them…If not, don’t feel left out because i have something special to share on my next post…stay tuned!

Till we meet again!!!!

Dress: @afrostreetbymelanie(IG), Shoes: Instyle, Makeup by @sunshinebalogun(IG)



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