On my last post  I had so many goals for December but the truth is that I only managed to get a few done because a little human decided to grow in my tummy…yes, I just said it! The past 6 months have been thrilling and scary at the same time but i thank God that i now feel like myself again. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share with the future brides a few things that i learnt while planning for my wedding last year. So let’s dive right into it then maybe i can get to share my pregnancy experience on another post.

1. Start early   

Some people tend to work very well under pressure but i think that when it comes to wedding planning , it’s never too early to start organizing all the details.  The best part about this is that you will definitely have time to talk to different vendors and get the best price possible, of course with the best service. I started booking my vendors in January, ordered my gown in March and everything else worked out smoothly.

2. Have a vision board

Well, i didn’t quite dream and fantasize about weddings and getting married as a little girl but the day my husband and I decided on forever together, I had so many ideas about how our wedding should be. So we  settled on a theme_Gatsby, a fun indoor evening wedding and literally watched The great Gatsby to get more ideas on decor, our outfits for the day and a dress code for the guests.  Envisioning the big day really helped on picking out the finer details..don’t let a committee of friends or parents decide what your wedding day should be like! Speaking of finer details, feathers were well represented on our big day 🙂

3. Create a checklist

Brides to be can be quite overwhelmed especially if one does not hire a wedding planner. At some point i was hardly focusing on work because i had meetings to attend, samples to pick out, premarital classes and many other things! With all that going on you definitely need to keep track of everything by having a checklist and this makes things easy even when assigning tasks to family or friends.

4. Team work

This is a tough one because most men prefer not to be involved in some wedding planning details like whether the centerpieces should have roses or daisies, color schemes, cake flavors etc But there are one or 2 things that your fiancee could be good at like picking out cars and planning finances. Even though you as the bride will do most of the planning, get your partners opinion on everything so that both of you can have the wedding of your dreams. After the wedding, it was so exciting to realize how much we had achieved by working as a team!

5. Referrals

Every bride wants her wedding to stand out and be unique but using a good service provider from a wedding you attended before won’t hurt. This makes work easier because you don’t have to worry if they will deliver as per your agreement but make sure you have a signed contract. One of our providers didn’t show up although he sent someone we had really wanted before, imagine if he sent someone we didn’t even want and just because we had not signed an agreement he would easily get away with it 🙁

6. Create a schedule of events

I had a schedule of events for the whole day more or less like a detailed program which i shared with all the vendors and coordinators so that everyone knew exactly where they were supposed to be at a particular time. Since i didn’t have a planner my lovely friend Anabay together with some friends and family ensured that everything ran smoothly on that day.

7. Delegate

People will come to you asking if they can help in any way…please please please…don’t pretend to be a super-bride, accept to be helped! Delegate tasks to reliable people who you trust because on the wedding day, you won’t be running around giving instructions. I thank God that i have awesome friends and family who ensured that i had a stress free day.

8. Have fun!

YOLO! Don’t take things too seriously…this will probably be the 1st and last wedding you will ever have. Enjoy the planning process and enjoy the day, as my husband says…be the last to leave your wedding party because you had too much fun!


Regrets??? yes! Despite the fact that we had fun and our guests enjoyed, I wish I had done some things differently like, taking more pictures…gosh time flew so fast and we ended up not taking enough pictures sadly because the hotel forgot to reserve the photo shoot venue. I also really wished that my dad was there with me on my big day, thinking about him made me break down in church #sigh#

But hey, i believe that one can have a fairy tale wedding with proper planning so i hope this little piece helps!

Till we meet again!

Bridal gown: theqcouture.kenya (Instagram), Bridesmaids dresses: waridi_fashionsz (instagram), makeup: sunshinebalogun (instagram), Hair: Georgina-0722578828, Photography: willymuturi-0722352460 (instagram)

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