Its really been a while and to be honest, i have no reason or excuse why i haven’t done a post all year. All i can say is that adulting is not as easy as i thought. The work, life, family balance…does it even exist? Is it possible to work out, drink 8 glasses of water everyday, study, work, give my baby enough attention, be there for my babe and have time for myself? Well, some women will certainly tell you that they have done it all but am taking one day at a time hoping that i will get there one day.

So i promised a very good friend that i will do a post before the end of this week, she is my accountability partner so i just had to get back here in order to keep my promise. Am doing this post from my transmission class and my desk-mate Joan is also very excited to see me back on the blog. Its Friyaay and my concentration levels are like at

August is a very special month for me, it is Nolans birthday month so the excitement is real. My baby is turning one guys! This is actually a sign that i should get back to writing, no more excuses. All i wanna say today is that life is beautiful, my son Nolan and his dad make my life worth living and fighting for. Am sending lots of love and sunshine your way!

Till next time!

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