Noel 048There is something about the color white that reminds us of innocence, a time when life was easy with less complications…it reminds us of our childhood.Being the last week of January, i want to try as much as possible and stick by my resolutions one of them being blogging, among other things. For me its all about new beginnings…wiping the slate clean…opening way for my mind to conceive something new. 

This is why i picked a white A-line dress perfect for a sunny weekend especially now that the gloomy weather is gone here in Nairobi. I accessorized with these adorable black and gold shoes and a black channel bag then came out of my techie closet with a bold red lippie.

Enjoy your Monday!

Till we meet again!!!

Dress – Fab guru ; Shoes – Backyard shoes ; Bag – Jamia mall stalls 

Noel 039

Noel 037
Lets play


Noel 035
In love with the pockets

Noel 034Noel 029_MG_3341


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