You have landed yourself a job in that company you wanted to work for so bad…but then on the reporting date, as you jump out of bed excited, a familiar panic hits you…the feeling of having nothing to wear!!! Am sure it’s unlikely that there are literally no clothes in your wardrobe but you simply have no idea how to style them or if you’re like me, they just don’t seem appropriate anymore. My friend Maria recently went through this problem, and i bet y’all curious to know tips we shared.

clean out1.Look for inspiration

Thanks to pinterest, you can compile photos of great outfits and save them to your board, then refer as often as you want. I know this will sound a bit creepy but i always go to the malls and look at the dummy outfits, you will be surprised at how many ideas you will get from doing this. Other great places to look would be fashion magazines, TV shows, style blogs and also celebrity styles.

2.Consider your lifestyle

Put into consideration different situations you encounter on a daily basis or in a week e.g work, lunch with your friends, business meetings, parties, a trip to the gym, a friends wedding or romantic dinner with your other half. You will definitely need different kinds of outfits suitable for every occasion or learn how to wear the same outfit differently.

3.Figure out your best assets

Just because Kourtney Kardashian can rock a sweatshirt and boots with no underpants doesn’t necessarily mean that it would look good on you…lol! (how i wish i could wear this and go to town here in Nairobi…sigh) Anyway, am sure there is that part of your body that you really love, be it those long toned legs, a six pack…name it! Invest in outfits that accentuate them.

3.Ask for help

Don’t be too proud or timid to approach someone on the streets…introduce yourself, throw in a compliment about their great pair of jeans and ask where you could get one like that. Am sure most of you find this crazy, but you will get answers, trust me!

4.Clean out!!!

You haven’t been wearing that big red sweater for over a year…it’s time for it to go!! Toss out things like this that are just taking up space in your wardrobe. You could pass them down to your siblings or donate to a children’s homes.

5.Shop smarterĀ 

Invest in basics like black grey and white tee’s, a black pair of pants, that LBD(little black dress), name them!! Having a couple of outfits like you could wear over and over paired with different things will help a great deal.

Remember, buying a great outfit and knowing how to wear it are totally different things.


A couple of years back i was so obsessed with jewellery and bags…i had a tonne of them in my room to a point my mum threatened to give them out. You don’t have to be a junkie like me but invest in simple and awesome pieces that totally work for you. Accessories will always give an outfit the sparkle it needs.

7.Be authentic and confident

Something that makes you confident and beautiful is never out of style!!! Stay true to yourself, if you love heels and hate snickers, don’t force it…Knowing who you’re and how you want to portray yourself will help create a solid idea of how your wardrobe should be.


Till we meet again!!!!


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